The future of work is less traditional, more flexible, and increasingly remote. A recent Upwork survey of over 1,000 US-based hiring managers points to reskilling the workforce, leveraging freelancers to fill in-house gaps, and an increased focus on workforce planning as opportunities companies should have their eye on in the years ahead.

The Future Workforce 2019 report also found that:

  • 69% of younger gen managers have team members who are allowed to work remotely.
  • Younger gen managers are 28% more likely to utilize remote workers than Baby Boomers. Access to skills and talent scarcity are the two greatest challenges facing managers today.
  • Compared to Baby Boomers, younger gen managers are 50% more likely to leverage freelancers to fill skills gaps within their organization when compared to Baby Boomers.
  • Younger gen managers are more than twice as likely as Baby Boomers to have increased their usage of freelancers in the past few years, a trend that is expected to continue. Primarily they are using more freelancers to increase productivity, access specialized skills, and drive cost efficiencies.

The study projects that by 2028, 73% of all teams will have remote workers. 

What’s more, the study predicts that non-traditional, flexible talent (ie. freelancers, temporary and agency workers) will comprise 24% more of departmental headcount that they did in 2019.

See the complete set of remote work and freelance findings in the report below: