Plenty of so-called “traditional” jobs are now open to remote employees and telecommuters. In fact, remote work job postings site FlexJobs recently found that 46 of GlassDoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2020 (by earning potential, job satisfaction rating, and number of job openings) have remote work options.

Remote employment and freelancing have a few important differences. It is important that your job is classified properly so that you have the protections afforded employees in your country or state. With a remote job, you are an employee of the company’s and should have:

  • Regular hours of work
  • An hourly rate of pay or salary
  • A paycheque on a regular pay schedule
  • Tax and other benefits withholdings on that paycheque
  • The job security, anti-harassment, and other protections afforded employees in your region.

If you are not guaranteed a certain number of hours or are expected to be “on” all the time, have no set schedule, do not receive regular pay, have no job security, or are responsible for reporting your own income and remitting taxes to the government, your position may be misclassified and you are actually freelancing.

So what kinds of jobs are open to remote employees? 

Front-End Engineers, Developers, Data Scientists Among Top 46 Remote Jobs

There are a lot of technical positions on FlexJobs’ list of the 46 top-paying and highest rated jobs with remote work options. But you’ll also find:

  • Speech Language Pathologist (median salary: $71,867)
  • HR Manager (median salary: $83,190)
  • Sales Manager (median salary: $70,489)
  • Customer Success Manager (median salary: $66,326)
  • Corporate Recruiter (median salary: $65,607)

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Product Reviewer, Virtual Tutor and Other Low Barrier-to-Entry Remote Jobs

John Rampton put together a great list of work-from-home jobs for Entrepreneur and while some are self-employment opportunities, a great many are jobs that don’t require that you start your own business.

Product reviewers receive books, toys, electronics and other products to test out and review. These opportunities typically pay per review and you can build a stable income by either working for a large review company or several smaller ones.  

Virtual tutors help both child and adult learners develop specific skills. Teaching English as a second language is the most popular type of online tutoring although there are opportunities to teach math, science, business, and other traditional courses, as well. A few of the better-known sites include:

  • Chegg, which pays tutors $20 an hour and up
  • Club Z! Tutoring, where the average base pay at time of writing is $22 an hour, according to twenty-six GlassDoor reviewers
  • The Princeton Review, which hires both tutors and fully qualified teachers
  • Skooli, where licensed US teachers make $25 an hour to teach online

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Tips for Finding Jobs That Are Open to Remote Employees or Telecommuting

There are some great resources dedicated to remote job searchers, like FlexJobs for example. 

But you can search the top job boards and find plenty of employers open to remote workers and telecommuting, with a few creative search tips:

Type in the job title of your choice and use “Remote” as the location to bring back remote and telecommuting jobs, as well as those with travel.

On Monster, there is no remote option for location. Rather, you add remote to the job title you’re searching for in the “Search for Jobs” search bar. Leave the location blank. Make sure you check Monster in other countries, too! Go to the geo-site selection page here and visit the Monster sites for other countries where you speak the language (you can use Google to translate the job ads, but can also assume that the people hiring expect you to be able to communicate with them and their team). 

You’ll get different results on each country’s Monster. Even if you aren’t legally able to work in that country, you may be able to negotiate remote work on contract (especially if your skills are in great demand and they are having trouble filling the position). 

LinkedIn Jobs

You can search either “Remote” or “Worldwide” as the location options. Applying through LinkedIn Jobs is fairly simple too, as your entire work history is already on the site.

Work on getting references and skills endorsements from former colleagues and employers so you have a compelling LinkedIn profile for those checking you out after receiving your application.

Career Builder 

There’s a town in Oregon called “Remote” that will come up if you try to use the keyword remote in the location box. Instead, type “telecommuting’ or ‘remote’ alongside your job title of choice to bring back results with those options.

You can simply type in ‘remote’ to bring back all jobs that contain that keyword. But be forewarned that this site is incredibly popular and you’ll end up with thousands of results to sift through. Try to drill down further with more relevant keywords. Also, take note that jobs on this site may require that you are legally eligible for employment in the USA.

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