Danny Goodwin, Editor at Search Engine Journal and host of The Search Engine Journal Show podcast, recently spoke with Miranda Miller of Get Remote Ready about what the project entails.

In this time of economic uncertainty and business interruption, how can you adjust to remote work? Where can you get help quickly (and affordably) for your immediate questions about e-commerce and selling online, adjusting business operations, and surviving the challenges Coronavirus presents?

In this podcast excerpt, Danny and Miranda talk remote work and how Get Remote Ready is helping businesses cope with COVID-19.

Danny: “We thought it would be good to talk about remote working to kick us off today, and I’m actually surprised that it’s not done more often. It feels like some agencies and companies are really stuck in the 80s; “You must be in a cubicle for 8 hours a day and attend a bunch of pointless meetings in person.” It’s like you have to do busywork to justify your paycheque. At Search Engine Journal, we’re 100% remote and we’ve been doing great for a long time, so it’s just kind of crazy to me that this is new. Do you sort of see this as a waking up of businesses? Because there are so many benefits to businesses working virtually, but so many companies just get blind to this working in the office for 40 hours a week.

“Do you think the coronavirus will change that, or if not do you see us shifting to more remote work at all anytime soon?”

Miranda: “I would say more than shifting, it’s an avalanche right now. It is scary for those companies who have never even imagined that they could go remote, and that’s where I think those who own online businesses and have been in this state for a long time really have something to offer. There is so much uncertainty and I don’t think that this is going away in 2 weeks.

I think that at least for the next several months, this is going to be the new normal so people are having to learn how to deal. It’s not just about the technology, or how can I get online, or how can I physically be in a video meeting? But if you are expected to manage a team now where everyone is remote, how do you keep morale and productivity high?

How can you make sure that your data is secure?

How do you make sure that you have a workflow that still works for everyone?

So these are the things that people are trying to figure out right now, and I feel that—especially in the SEO community—we are uniquely positioned to help guide some of those processes.”

Danny: “What do you think are some of the big adjustments that people who are used to going into an office will have to make over the next couple weeks or even longer?”

Miranda: “I think one of the huge impacts that we are going to see—and I think it’s going to happen quickly and last a long time—is the impact on mental health. I think that loneliness and isolation are going to be really difficult for people. You know, in Canada they are talking about income support for people who can’t physically go to their job anymore, but then what are those people to do with their time?

I think this is going to be very impactful, and I’ve been working on a project called Get Remote Ready with quite a few industry experts who are generously jumping in to offer services—whether it’s regular-priced, or deeply discounted, or some are even offering free consultations—to help people to work through very specific problems that they’re having.

Find a remote work or online business expert to help you transition during COVID-19-related business interruptions.

Some people are realizing, I have no web presence and all of a sudden I have a product that maybe could be sold online. But maybe the retail store always did okay so setting online wasn’t a priority, and now it is their top priority, right?

Or even a restaurant that could be doing pick-up only now… but they need to have a mobile payment solution and that never occurred to them before.

Or helping someone who is used to going into that office from 9 to 5 and now all of a sudden they’re working from home and they are having trouble getting motivated. Maybe their workspace is the corner of the living room and there are kids and a dog running around.

So these are the things that people need some guidance through right now, and we’re trying to do that through up to 1-hour consulting calls or coaching calls or even just brainstorming.

  • What is this going to look like for you?
  • What assets do you have now?
  • What tools are available that you might not know about?
  • And how we can get people set up with that as quickly and as inexpensively as possible?

Danny: “That sounds great. So how many people do you have lined up to help you out with that right now?”

Miranda: “Right now there are 10 including people like Steve Wiideman who’s awesome, and Tracy Ingram who helped me find a platform we could set up really quickly (and we managed to do that in a single weekend?). Jim Hedger, Jenny Halasz, Jennifer Lachs from the Digital Nomad Girls. I’m hoping we can grow this pretty quickly, and everyone is pitching in to figure out, What can I offer that on an emergency basis to help someone with the immediate needs they have right now?

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