Featuring Tracy Ingram, Founder/CEO of Intention Technology LLC

“As the Owner / Operator of Intention Technology based in Dade City, I have a standing desk and I also have another desk that I sometimes use. I also work from the couch sometimes and even visit the local coffee shop. Whatever you do, have a workspace that you go to that’s not your bed. Set up an area that is for work only. Create boundaries (this is hard) so that your family knows you are really working. Then schedule time to walk away from your work. One of the problems in working from home is you never leave so you never stop. Just walking into the other room or closing the door if you are lucky enough to have a home office can do wonders for your sanity.

Also, don’t forget about taking breaks during your work time. Breaks are good, especially for resting your eyes and getting your blood circulating. But don’t let them get out of control. I like the Pomodoro technique for taking breaks, meaning work 25 minutes then take five minutes off. It can work well for avoiding long periods of procrastination and for meeting deadlines. Try it.

Here are some additional suggestions to make it easier to work from home…”

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