Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these FAQs on digital nomad life, telecommuting, work from home jobs, transitioning to remote work, and more.

What is Get Remote Ready all about?

Get Remote Ready is a publication designed to help employees, entrepreneurs, and businesses prepare for remote work. We offer both free and paid resources to help people develop the skills and find the tools to succeed in remote work environments.

You can get expert help find solutions to your immediate remote work challenges here.

Who is behind Get Remote Ready?

Get Remote Ready is operated by Miranda Miller, who has worked with over 500 companies remotely in a career spanning 15 years. Get Remote Ready offers a variety of free resources and also gives you access to a network of remote work and online business professionals available on an hourly basis to help you strategize, build skills, manage remote team, find remote work solutions, and otherwise prepare for working remotely. Get Remote Ready is a part of the company. 

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