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You should, at this point, be taking the safety precautions recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many federal governments are stepping up with policies to protect their workers from the certain economic impacts of widespread self-isolation.

In Italy, one of the hardest-hit areas to date, the government negotiated an accord with banks for the suspension of mortgage payments, for example. And in Canada, where I live, the waiting period for unemployment benefits has been eliminated.

There are quite a few reputable resources to help employers and employees prepare for COVID-19, like this WHO guide.

For self-employed individuals and small business owners, help can be harder to find.

How can your business survive the economic impact of a COVID-19 outbreak – or the social distancing required to prevent one?

Keep Calm & Optimize On

This is not a time for panic.

I’m seeing some alarming accounts from marketing and SEO friends of clients pulling their contracts and shutting down marketing operations until further notice.

This knee-jerk reaction is setting your business up for a long-term, uphill struggle to recover...

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