Access Free and Paid Supports for COVID-affected businesses

A few months ago, working from home or owning your own online business was an aspiration for many. Today, it’s a stark new reality for millions of people affected by the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

This website will continue to offer advice, tips, how-to guides and other content for those who want to work online or become a digital nomad. But now you can access immediate, expert help in the Get Remote Ready marketplace, as well. 

Some of these professionals are offering limited services free of charge to help business owners and employees suddenly thrust into online work adjust.

Others are charging a flat rate per hour to walk you through the specific issues and challenges you’re facing in light of COVID-19.

 Visit the Get Remote Ready marketplace and schedule your video chat with an expert in online business, digital marketing, SEO, remote team management, and more. 

Skills, Tools & Advice for Remote Workers & Companies

This site is a resource for people of all ages looking to work remotely, founded by a digital nomad with 15 years of experience (both freelancing and working remote positions for companies). Whether working from home or running your own remote-friendly business has long been an aspiration or is now a necessity due to COVID-19 concerns, we hope you’ll find what you need here to succeed in your “office without walls.”

Remote work can take many forms, from starting your own freelance business and even hitting the road as a digital nomad, to telecommuting part-time, working from home, or getting a 100% remote job. Self-employment, “real” employment, business start-ups, freelance, even MLM companies—all of these can fall within the realm of remote work.

Millions are now working remote for the first time due to COVID-19.

 Setting up secure and productive remote workspaces, managing fully remote teams, transitioning to online ordering and alternative fulfillment are suddenly mission critical for companies and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

5 Critical Ways To Update Customers On COVID-Related Business Changes

Quick Tips

Quick Tips

Stop managing your remote workers as if they work onsite

Maintain motivation and company culture with remote workers

What it’s like to manage a team from 1,000 miles away

To help you get the most out of this site, we’ve organized content and resources into two broad categories of remote workers: remote employees/telecommuters, and freelancers and entrepreneurs. We also have a ton of valuable info for you on the digital nomad lifestyle, where you can travel the world and work from anywhere.

Explore, and enjoy! Let us know how we can help you develop your remote-friendly career or workplace.

Miranda Miller

Editor in Chief

Miranda has worked remotely with over 500 organizations in the last 15 years. Today, she and her team are a 100% remote resource for companies in need of digital marketing, communications and content support.

Miranda spends part of the year in her home office near Georgian Bay, and the rest living and working out of her suitcase. 

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